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About Kent Driving School:

Since 2008, Kent Driving School has been providing Maidstone and Medway with professional, patient and friendly Driving Instruction which has resulted in excellent pass rates.

Colin O'Farrell has been a Driving Instructor for over seven years. I started teaching with the country's largest driving school and then decided to create my own driving school in July 2008. Not only will Kent Driving School teach you to pass your driving test but we also offer PassPlus courses & motorway Lessons to ensure you continue to get the valuable experience needed to drive safely after you pass your driving test.

At Kent Driving School we are very proud to be a local Independent Driving School. There are not any special promotions, the deal is always the same - competitive prices right through to you passing your driving test. I believe you will gain more experience from driving on the roads rather than looking at a book on the side of the road for half the driving lesson. We will always tailor a driving course that will suit you, whether it  be weekly driving lessons or an intensive Driving Course, just talk to your Driving Instructor on your first driving lesson for more details. 

Things to Look for when Finding a Driving Instructor:

Although the price is important, the cheapest lessons are not always the best as you may end up needing more driving lessons to pass. As with most services, you often get what you pay for and it may cost you more in the long run. Ask the Driving Instructor how long they have been teaching and what Grade Instructor they are. Also look for the badge when you have your first driving lesson, a Green badge means they are fully Qualified and a Pink badge means they are trainee driving Instructors undergoing their final exams.
Opening Hours:

At Kent Driving School we are completely flexible and our Driving Instructors will work around your free time. If you are looking to book Driving Lessons in Maidstone please call Colin O'Farrell at Kent Driving School on the number below. Or, alternatively, if you are looking for advice about driving lessons please do not hesitate to contact Kent Driving School by phone or email.
Monday - Friday:  8AM - 8PM
Saturday:                8AM - 2PM

Colin O'Farrell
Kent Driving School

Mobile: 07812 072457


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